Custom Airride by StreetCustoms

In order to really let my Corolla stand out as a show car, it needed to be lower, a lot lower. There's a small problem, however. Because of the TTE splitter it's nearly impossible to go any lower than the 30mm springs that have been in use since 2012, no matter how much of an angle I'd use on some speed bumps, I'd always hit them.

I found my solution in the form of an airride system.

I contacted a company called StreetCustoms in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands.
This company saw no problem in fitting a custom airride system on my Corolla.

After a whole bunch of e-mails I decided on what custom system I wanted.
The airride system would become a BC coilover based custom airride system.
This system allows for the camber and ride hardness settings of the coilovers to stay intact,
while the height adjustment is taken care of by the airride 'bags'.
The ride height of the front and rear of the car can be adjusted independently from each other.

I took the BC struts to StreetCustoms two weeks prior to the install.
This gave them plenty of time to do the airride conversion to the struts.

Here's a look at the air tank and the customised BC struts.
Of course these aren't the only parts, a VIAIR air compressor, gauges,
and valves are also a part of this custom kit.

The Corolla was driven onto the StreetCustoms car lift in reverse.
Even with the seemingly high ride height it still wouldn't get on the lift nose-first because of the TTE splitter.
This is exactly why I'm going with airride, it looks like there's plenty of clearance but there really isn't.

The spare wheel space is used for the air tank, compressor, and valves.
The wiring and air hoses will run along the side of the car, behind the interior panels.

Here's a look at the installed airride strut.

With the struts installed, the wheels could go back on.

This image shows the highest possible and lowest possible settings of the airride system.
The highest possible setting is between stock and the 30mm lowered springs.
While the lowest possible setting leaves only just enough clearance to roll freely.
It's impossible to steer the car left or right on the lowest setting.

The install took two days (friday night - sunday afternoon)

The result:
The Corolla is lower than it could ever be on coilovers.
On the lowest setting, the tires fit snugly inside the wheel wells.

Pictures of the Corolla on airride can be found on the 22-06-2014 photoshoot page.
I would like to thank StreetCustoms for providing me with pictures of this build.

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