Corolla E12 Full Respray

The paint on the E12 had seen better days,
It was scratched, and tiny paint chips were missing all over the corolla.
During the winter of 2012-2013 I hit something with my front bumper and cracked the paint.
Later, someone hit my rear bumper, cracking the paint on there as well. I had had enough.

It was time for a respray, and with so much paint damage, I decided to do a full respray.

I've always liked the color green for cars,
so I started looking for a green color that suits the E12 model.
I ended up at Kia for their M5 Samba Green Metallic color, which they use on the '07 Picanto.

As the TTE Grand Prix wheels were also slightly damaged from use during winter times,
I decided to have them repaired and resprayed as well.

Finding a painter:

Finding a painter went better than expected.
After writing down a few names and addresses I hit the road to visit them.
My first choice was AutoWZ, and they turned out to be available in July.

I removed all the stickers, the impact strips, and the rear logo before taking my car over to AutoWZ.
The OEM sideskirts and TTE front lip that have been waiting for paint, were placed in the back.

After removing my license plate and taking my registration papers,
I left my carkeys in the hands of the AutoWZ owner, and received the keys to a temporary vehicle.


A week later, the Corolla was stripped and ready for sanding.
The bumpers, doors, hood, and rear hatch were all removed,
and all of the black plastic trim parts were removed and placed inside the Corolla.

The next step was to get the corolla sanded and ready for primer.
I saw the Corolla standing inside the spray cabin as I visited,

Respraying the Corolla:

A few days later, I recieved a whatsapp message from the painter, with the following pictures:

My next visit was later that week.
The Corolla was resprayed at that point, waiting for the mechanic to return from his holiday.

After the weekend, I paid another visit to the painter.
During that visit, the wheels were painted in BMW AlpineWeiss.

And of course the brake calipers were soon to follow, as the wheels were already removed.
The brake calipers would be painted in Samba Green, just like the Corolla.

Rebuilding the Corolla:

After yet another weekend, the rebuilding process started.
The white wheels were installed, And the Corolla was driven outside for the first time since being resprayed.

The finish line was in sight as the Corolla started taking shape again.
When these pictures were taken, most of the stock parts were already back on the Corolla.
TTE and OEM styling parts such as the sideskirts, lip, and spoiler were still missing.

The next day, after several last-minute changes had been made,
the Corolla was ready to get out into the world again!

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