Timeline (2010-present)

This page is a full description of my Corolla E12 starting on the day that I bought it.
What happened with the E12, and when did it all happen?
You can read about it here.


I got my drivers' license in July of 2010, I bought the Corolla about a month later.
The Corolla was no longer in stock condition, The rims and spoiler were installed by the former owner.
And the front lip that's supposed to be black plastic, had been resprayed to fit the color of the car.
The rest of the Corolla was still stock, a good base for me to work on.

Time to wash the Corolla! I didn't know too much about washing cars at the time,
I had bought some Meguiars NXT 2.0 Car Wash and a wash mitt,
but that was about everything I had and knew about,
Obvious proof of that lack of washing knowledge: look at those grey tires!
I did a photoshoot on the same day, you can find the shoot on the 10-10-2010 link.

Winter soon arrived,
So in November I bought some Autec Baltic rims with Yokohama W.Drive tires.
The main reason for this was the fact that I did not have any winter driving experiences (I never had driving lessons during the winter period) and I wanted to spare my 17" TTE rims as they're getting rare!


In January of 2011 I went to my first Corolla Club NL meeting.
That day, I got a lot of ideas for all sorts of things that I could do with the E12,
and the Corolla madness officially started on that day!

During March, the Corolla madness found its first way out in the form of an exhaust!
As the Corolla already had TTE rims and a TTE spoiler, I decided to stay with the TTE theme.

To further complete this sporty look, I had the windows tinted about a month later.
Of course I only had the 'legal' windows tinted, 80% on the rear half, and 95% on the visor.
I also placed my first stickers on the side windows.

During the summer of 2011 I started work on the engine bay as it was in bad shape.
The engine bay was very dusty, and the insulation layer was damaged.

I went to a scrapyard for Japanese cars and removed the insulation layer out of an English Corolla,
I also cleaned the engine bay with an all-purpose cleaner.

About a week before C'Day (the biggest meeting/event of Corolla Club NL) my Corolla Club NL sticker got placed.
This picture was taken near the end of that event.

During November, on a very foggy day, I went to the last club meeting of the year,
A recent update of that time: a TTE logo in the grille.

And for the very last update of 2011, I replaced several lights with LED lights.
The interior lights, boot light, and the license plate lights were replaced.
Photo: original on the left, LED on the right.


No huge updates at the start of this year,
But I did take a great winter photo.

And in March the madness continued!
The Corolla got lowered, and to stick to the existing theme, TTE springs were used.

As a result of the new springs, the wheel alignment had to be adjusted.
I also added more stickers to the rear window at this time.

At the end of April my Corolla served as the background for my clubs stand at the Japanese Autosports Festival.
During this event I also gained some more ideas on what I could do with the Corolla.

One of those ideas was to get a different text on my windshield, one with smaller letters.
It looks better, but is also more functional as I had trouble looking at traffic lights with the old large font.
I also drove around without my mirror cover at this time,
It was missing because some new car parts were getting painted.

What are those new parts? A set of headlight spoilers!
I had those laying around for well over a year, so it was time to have them painted and fitted.

The Corolla also got a small performance upgrade in the form of an A'PEXi power filter.
The throttle cable also got adjusted, there was some slack on the cable after 10 years of driving.

In July a TTE Strutbar was installed, this greatly improves handling when cornering.

Another big upgrade came along in October, Xenon headlights!
The high beam and foglights were replaced by "SuperWhite" halogen lights just to match the color.


Big plans for the E12!
I'm planning on giving the Corolla a full respray in the summer, due to the bad condition of the current paint.
The color will most likely be a type of green, though I still have to decide on the shade of green.
After the respray, a TTE front lip and OEM side skirts will be installed.

In June, I finally arranged for the Corolla to get a new paintjob.
The Corolla will be taken to AutoWZ on July 6th and will remain there for most of that month.
Both the Corolla and the wheels will be getting a makeover.
The wheels will be repaired and resprayed in white.
And as mentioned in the message above, the Corolla will become green.

As I visited the International Toyota Meeting in Gemert,
most stickers are already removed.
Other parts such as the impact strips and rear logo are soon to follow.

During the first week of July, I finised all of the arrangements to get the Corolla resprayed.
Ordered new parts from Toyota (such as new TTE badges and a Toyota badge).
The impact strips and rear badge were removed on July 4th, two days before the respray.

One week later, the Corolla was stripped and ready for sanding.

You can see the full paint progress on the Full Respray page.

When the Corolla came back from the painter, I went to Stickerland.
The TOYOTA TEAM EUROPE banner was placed on the windshield, in white this time.
I later added CorollaE12.com stickers on the side windows.

In September, Corolla Club NL held its annual C'Day event.
The Corolla had a VIP spot on this event, and recieved a "Best of Paint" prize!

Small update: TTE/T-sport pedals placed, along with a fresh pair of mats.

New plans in October!
The Corollas rear bumper is too high off the ground, it needs more low!
To fix that height issue, I bought TTE/T-sport rear bumper corners off a Corolla Club UK member.
There's just one problem: These corner pieces only fit on facelift Corollas
And as I don't like the look of the facelift bumper, I decided to customize a Corolla bumper.
This will be done during the winter, and I'm planning to have the bumper fitted in March 2014.

A couple of minor updates in December:
I replaced the interior roof LED with a brighter one,
I replaced my oil filler cap with one that's easier to grab on to,
And I installed an EPR Performance tow hook.


The first update of 2014 is a small one.
I wrongly ordered a TTE badge (gel sticker) during the full respray of the Corolla.
I decided to put that TTE badge to good use.
So, I stuck it on the steering wheel to give it a more sporty look.

A couple of weeks later, I moved on with my rear bumper project.
I bought a used Corolla facelift rear bumper at CAR Toyota.
Luckily, it already has the slots needed to mount the TTE/T-sport rear bumper corners.

And in March I finally replaced my headlight units,
the old faded units had been driving me crazy for a long time.
The xenon lights were removed and I'm back to using halogen bulbs.
I'm using PHILIPS ColorVision bulbs (green, of course!)
which are 60% brighter compared to stock halogen bulbs.
The first picture was taken right after replacing the units,
the second picture shows the ColorVision bulbs.

During the last days of May, I finally managed to find a TTE grille.
I also bought a very rare Corolla KE30 grille badge.
This badge will be used as a grille logo as a mix between old school and modern styling.
The grille (and the rear bumper) will be heading to the painter in July.

June saw the start of some plans that I've had for a while.
I have hooked up with StreetCustoms to "bag" the Corolla.
The airride install is scheduled for the end of June.
A BC coilover based airride system will be installed.

Along with the airride update, I will be replacing the 17" TTE wheels.
Their replacements: Rota P1 18"

At the end of June StreetCustoms did my airride conversion.
More information on the airride conversion can be seen on the Custom Airride page.

In August, I finally got the custom rear bumper and TTE grille finished with the AutoWZ crew.

In October the show season ended with several prizes won by the CustomCorolla.

July: Best of Tuning.
August: Best looking Corolla of The Netherlands.
September: Top 20 Show and Shine.
October: Best of Toyota.

Last year's Best of Paint prize is also included in this picture.

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