Videos - All about the Corolla E12.

This page features several videos of my Corolla E12.
I bought my GoPRO HD camera in May of 2012 and I have been using that to record all my videos.
Sometimes I record maintenance work and updates on (performance) parts,
But I usually record club meetings and car events.

-Full Respray-

The video of the full respray from Grey to Samba Green.

-2012 highlights-

Here's all the highlights of 2012 in a single video.
This video includes car events, styling/performance updates, and some random footage.

-Car meetings and events-

Here's just a few meeting/event videos, I try to attend around eight events a year.

Corolla Club NL's C'Day 2012 - Dongen, The Netherlands.

Internationaal Toyota Treffen 2012 - Gemert, The Netherlands.

Japanse Autosport Festival 2013 - TT Circuit Assen, The Netherlands.

Corolla Club NL's Openingsmeeting 2013 - Beesd, The Netherlands


I usually don't record my maintenance unless I'm making a 'how-to' video,
but I did record a few things here and there.
Here's my bi-monthly check, checking my lights and fluids.
(I included replacing my cabin air filter in this video, but of course that's not a bi-monthly thing)

How-to: Cabin Air Filter
Here's a short video on how to replace the cabin air filter.
I recorded this tutorial because I received several questions on how to do this.

How-to: Rear Wiper
And this is a small tutorial on how to replace the rear wiper.
Even though this type of maintenance isn't difficult to perform, I've seen a bunch of similar videos on YouTube,
There's even videos on how to check your engine oil levels.

That's why I decided to make this video about replacing the rear wiper.
Even though it's basic maintenance it still gets almost 80 views a month.

-TTE exhaust and A'PEXi powerfilter-

Here's the exhaust sound of The E12, the TTE exhaust produces a nice low 'growl'.
The addition of an A'PEXi powerfilter made the exhaust sound even better.

Here's a 16 second clip of the improved exhaust sound.

-Xenon HID-

There's lots of opinions about aftermarket Xenon lighting.
More often than not, it's hated by other motorists due to the possibly blinding light.
However, when the lights are properly installed, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
I've had my xenon since October of 2012 and I haven't had any bad comments or light signals from other people.
my Xenons were professionally installed and the light beam won't be blinding anyone.
At least, not unless they'd choose to lay down on the road in front of me.

This video shows the start-up time of my 6000K Xenon HID,
I chose 6000K because it's almost a pure white, there's only a slight blue hue as it's starting up.

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